Managing a fleet of vehicles can be exhausting and difficult. Trying to accurately track movements, fuel usage and vehicle treatment can seem to be both impossible and time consuming. Kwik-Track allows our customers to have real time tracking wherever they are. The software shows you information such as the location status, speed and acceleration of the vehicle at any given time. It also provides you with reports to help you monitor your fleet with complete ease. Our excellent IT support staff are there to help you with any question or technical issue you might have.

Competitive Prices

User-friendly Interface

Real-time in Zambia & Abroad*


Text/Email Notifications

Manual Fuel Management

Desktop/Laptop & Mobile

System & Usage Reports

Remote commands (optional)

*Updated every 60 seconds. GPS satellite tracking across Zambia, as well as any neighbouring countries that allow roaming (extra cost).

Receive Alerts About:

  • Speed (when the vehicle is going passed designated speeds)


  • Shake (harsh driving on bumpy roads etc)


  • Crash (accidents will be indicated)


  • Harsh acceleration (when the acceleration is pressed down on too harshly)


  • Hard braking (braking too suddenly and hard)
  • Ignition on (as soon as the engine is started)


  • Ignition off (as soon as the engine is turned off)


  • Geo fence


  • Power cut (when power is lost to the unit)


  • GPS jamming (when there is an interruption in the GPS signal)

Get Reports On:

  • Distance


  • Trip


  • Idle engine (report on when the engine was on but the vehicle was not moving)


  • Speeding


  • Off-duty driving (driving outside of working hours)


  • Fuel report (manually handled)


  • Last position


  • Alerts


Standard GPS Tracking Unit: K1000

Monthly Subscription: K200

NB: subscriptions are to be paid per quarter so subscription price is to be tripled


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