Willard batteries, acknowledged as a reliable, quality product in the Southern African Region, are now in Zambia exclusively at Kwik-Fit. It offers value for money, and a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse market.


When it comes to pushing the boundaries Willard batteries leads the way! Whether it is the latest Willard Super- safe range with roll- over technology or batteries high power performance, off road, agricultural & everyday vehicles; Willard caters to your every need.

Willard is also the original battery supplier for many Toyota, Isuzu and all Willard batteries are maintenance free.

It comes with a magic indicator – an easy way to check the state of charge.

No top-up needed.

South African made quality

Solid handle and casing

Calcium – Calcium for better charge and water retention

High cranking power

Start Stop technology with faster charging

Battery Installation

Turn off engine

Remove old battery by disconnecting the –ve terminal first, then +ve

Installing new battery by connect the +ve terminal first, then –ve

Ensure clamp is tight and clean.

Battery Care

Ensure battery clamp is clean and tight.
If you struggle to start the vehicle, get the battery/vehicle checked at kwik-Fit.

Have your battery check by kwik-Fit every 4 months. Its free!

If you do not use the vehicle for a few weeks, remove battery from vehicle and store in a cool place.

Battery should be kept at 12.5volt.

Ensure alternator is charging between 14 -14.4volt.