Willard Batteries

Willard batteries, acknowledged as a reliable, quality product in the Southern African Region, are now in Zambia exclusively at Kwik-Fit. It offers value for money, and a hard-working brand in terms of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse market.


When it comes to pushing the boundaries Willard batteries leads the way! Whether it is the latest Willard Super- safe range with roll- over technology or batteries high power performance, off road, agricultural & everyday vehicles; Willard caters to your every need.

Willard is also the original battery supplier for many Toyota, Isuzu and all Willard batteries are maintenance free….

 It comes with magic-eye indicator – easy to check state of charge.

Green – good condition

Orange or dark -weak, remove to charge

 No top-up needed.

 South African made quality

 Solid handle and casing

 Calcium – Calcium for better charge and water retention

 High cranking power

 Start Stop technology with faster charging

A. Battery Installation

 Turn off engine

 Remove old battery by disconnecting the –ve terminal first, then +ve

 Installing new battery by connect the +ve terminal first, then –ve

 Ensure clamp is tight and clean.

B. Battery Care

 Ensure battery clamp is clean and tight.

 If you struggle to start the vehicle, get the battery/vehicle checked at kwik-Fit.

 Have your battery check by kwik-Fit every 4 months. Its free!

 If you do not use the vehicle for a few weeks, remove battery from vehicle

and store in a cool place.

 Battery should be kept at 12.5volt.

 Ensure alternator is charging between 14 -14.4volt.