The latest 2011 brand awareness survey by Mindline Energy has shown that Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) is the tyre brand most easily recognised by drivers. The survey was conducted in February 2011 using face- to-face interviews with a sample of more than 400 respondents over eighteen years of age, who own their own car and drive at least 10 000kms per year. Twenty-eight tyre brands were compared in the survey.

These leading vehicle manufacturers select & approve Continental tyres as Original Equipment.

Continental tyres are fitted to 1 in 3 new European cars.

Continental produce 100,000,000 tyres per year globally and growing. Continental factories globally include: Germany, United States, France, Portugal, Brazil, Malaysia, South Africa, Czech Republic.

They are the perfect replacement tyres for European engineered cars and will transform other vehicles bringing a new level of safety, comfort and performance.

Continental works closely with leading car manufacturers on the development of tyres to continually improve safety, comfort, fuel economy, mileage and low noise levels.